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Lotus Coating System, a state-of-the-art Epoxy Coating Technology company that was established in the U.S. in 1998 and now hitting the Indian market, Our core focus lies in giving long-term protection to the surfaces. Located at Manjusar, Vadodara since 2016, we intend to expand nation-wide for serving the whopping Indian market. Our mission based organization strives on revolutionizing the surface protection industry market by bringing our innovative and well-thought out products to help beautify the environment. We offer epoxy polymer coating as a part of our services which comes under the ‘low surface energy’ category. Our range of products are resilient to scratch, stain, UV radiations and scuff, and they have excellent coating properties along with being self-priming (hence, no primer is required).

Corrosion – a monstrosity that leaves no corner of the house we live in with its effects, or the offices we work at unblemished. Be it a chemical industry with all those drains, floors, storage containers, reactions vessels, etc., susceptible to damages, or be it your garden, your self-made, hard worked garden which you created with all the heart and sweat that it took. Be it water-proofing your residence or protecting the furniture – the ways your belongings could get damaged are just endless. Sure, one can always think of going the traditional way for protection – Poly-Urethane coatings. But for how long can they really give protection - just a handful of two to three years.

Epoxy is either any of the basic components or the cured end products of epoxy resins, as well as a colloquial name for the epoxide functional group. Epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Epoxy resins may be reacted (cross-linked) either with themselves through catalytic homopolymerisation, or with a wide range of co-reactants including polyfunctional amines, acids (and acid anhydrides), phenols, alcohols and thiols. These co-reactants are often referred to as hardeners or curatives, and the cross-linking reaction is commonly referred to as curing. Reaction of polyepoxides with themselves or with polyfunctional hardeners forms a thermosetting polymer, with high mechanical properties, temperature and chemical resistance. The main advantage of using Epoxy is the fact that it provides with a clear coating along with desired color, resulting in flawless texture. Now ideally, epoxy is hard to use, given its high viscosity. At Lotus, we reduce the solid content in Epoxy so as to reduce the viscosity which helps us ease the application process.

What makes Lotus Coating Products unique?

In India, as of now, two surface coatings are popular – Poly-Urethane and Epoxy. For residential purposes, Poly-Urethane coatings have popularity because of their cheap rates, non-brittle properties and UV stability properties. What gives Epoxy coatings an upper hand is the fact that they are much more durable, have excellent chemical resistant and has superior adhesive properties, and therefore predominantly used in industrial markets where durability and chemical resistance are more important. Since regular Epoxy Coatings disintegrate in the presence of sunlight, any outdoor application of regular Epoxy Coatings requires topcoat of Poly-Urethane for UV protection.

At Lotus, our Epoxy Coatings belong to low surface energy category where they are formulated with the usage of extremely high molecular weight Epoxy resins forming highly cross-linked polymer chain giving extremely impermeable membrane. The Low Surface Energy makes them highly non-reactive, that is, they have excellent chemical resistance and are UV stable. Moreover, the highly cross-link polymer chain makes them stain resistant (Ketch-up, mustard, wine and other food stains), non-sticky (oil, etc.). The presence of other secret additives make them scorch resistant (up to 800 to 1500 Deg. F) with exceptional adhesive properties (bonds with even glazed tiles without acid etching), making them completely self-priming. Confluence of highly prized properties makes them highly desirable for surface protections for most types of surfaces in almost all types of markets - Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Hence, our coatings can be easily applied on all kinds of indoors as well as outdoor surfaces - wood, metal, concrete, marble, granite, cinder blocks, bricks, VCT, ceramic tiles or Rubberized flooring, to keep them protected for 3 to 5 times more than normal epoxy & Polyurethane on any hard surface (Interior / Exterior).

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At Lotus Coating System, our driven team strives for achieving and providing with utmost quality that makes us the rightful choice for your coating solutions.